By now almost everyone with a smartphone has heard of Snapchat. Nevertheless, a common misconception that many businesses in India continue to hold on to about Snapchat while still being baffled by the functionality and relevance of the app is that Snapchat is popular among teenagers or young adults. Often they are quick to dismiss this remarkably popular and powerful social tool of communication when planning their social media strategies for their businesses. With Snapchat proving to be such an instant hit among its millennial users, it was previously reported that social media giant Facebook had offered to buy Snapchat for a whopping $3 billion. Snapchat is so much more than simply a social media platform for sharing pictures and videos called ‘snaps’ that self-destruct after ten seconds of being viewed by the recipient.

Marketing and business professionals across the world will agree that any form of dialogue or build-up brought about is always good for the business, especially businesses that are relatively new on the scene. With the rise in the number of Snapchat users worldwide, many businesses in the US have quickly adapted their sales and marketing strategies by collaborating with Snapchat to promote, engage and raise awareness among their customers. The surge in celebrity Snapchat users sharing snaps promoting their lifestyles, giving other users a glimpse into their daily life has proven a big hit with users across the platform.

Social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook have seen a sharp rise in the number of users over the last few years in India. Unfortunately, most business owners in India who are transitioning their business models with a social and digital media strategy in mind are yet to fully comprehend and tap into the power and influence that Snapchat wields over its users.With an estimated 12.5 million Snapchat users between the ages 15-35 years in India, the app provides a huge opportunity for business owners and marketers who understand the relevance and merits of this extraordinary platform of communication.

Here’s why Scroll Mantra believes your Business needs Snapchat in 2016 as a valuable Social Media Tool to achieve definitive results for your business campaigns


1. Competitor Advantage

Businesses can gain advantage over competitors by taking to Snapchat to introduce and promote both new and existing products through discounts, offers, voucher codes, contests and video announcements in the form of ‘Snapstories’. One of the most widely used and popular methods of creating brand awareness and generate interaction with frequent shoppers is through sales, giveaways and discounts. This is especially the case with fashion and lifestyle brands with a store presence and/or e-Commerce websites for whom the trend is to obtain more views, boost demand and gain followers.

 Businesses can gain advantage over competitors by taking to Snapchat to introduceand promote both new and existing products through discounts, offers, voucher codes, contests and video announcements in the form of ‘Snapstories’....

2. Content Quality

No matter how serious the tone of your official company website, adopting the popular jargon of your target audiences with a much more relaxed and friendly approach is well-advised and will certainly enhance the quality of the content you post.

Snapchat-business-Behind the-Screen

3. Taking Your Viewers Behind-The-Scenes

Sharing pictures, videos and live video feeds of what goes on behind-the-scenes which is usually not shown on other social networks is a great way to get brand loyalists talking and interested. It gives them the incentive to buy more because it may appear unattainable. This in turn leads to increased web traffic, sales and raised awareness and engagement from audiences towards the brand.

chat 2.0

4. Know Your Target Audiences

With the launch of Chat 2.0 features such as audio and video calling and the addition of stickers to an already existing collection of a variety of emojis to choose from, users can now be party to a new and improved experience on Snapchat. Snapchat offers businesses the option of conversing with their target customers. The platform can be utilized for answering questions and solving customer grievances because it adds a more human-touch to the whole experience as compared to when customers interact with brands on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Snapchat can prove a strong tool for businesses looking to build and enhance brand trust. It contributes towards gaining better insight on the target audiences which was not previously a possibility.Incorporating Snapchat into your business and marketing strategy in 2016 in the right way should certainly yield significant results for your business.