Social Media Marketing always proves to be an added advantage to grow businesses, building brand credibility, create awareness and engagement. With more than three billion social media users in the world and countless brands, it becomes imperative to have a strategy in place to gain traction onto your pages. Almost a third of online shoppers look at a brand’s social media to assess them before they click on the checkout button and its huge chunk of your customers that might lose if these pages are not engaging. There are multiple ways to engage your audience like trivia, contests, topical posts, informative posts, announcements, collaborations etc. A well-thought plan coupled with good content will bring in a stable organic following to your pages but if you feel that despite everything your best-laid plans aren’t yielding desired results, then you need to investigate the below-mentioned points

Understanding the brand ethos and messaging: The first step is to work on the key messaging of the brand and what you wish to communicate through your posts and content. Whatever the primary objective might be, it is important to acknowledge the information that is conveyed through your post, stories, collaborations, and promotions. Please keep in mind your brand positioning before putting posting any content. It is critical to develop a brand language to communicate in. Frequent deviation in messaging affects the brand recall value greatly.

Style: In continuation of the previous point on brand language, identification of  your style and approach is equally imperative. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest rely heavily on the visual aspect of the content and uniqueness in the presentation is of utmost importance. Simple steps like using specific filters, photo corrections or patterns can do the trick of maintaining consistency in your posts.

Identifying the target demographic: To layout a strategy and plan for your social media pages it’s vital to figure out who it is for? Analyse your existing followers and customers or conduct surveys to understand what age group they belong to? Gender? Locations? Interests? Narrowing down your target audience will save you a lot of misdirected efforts and improve engagement on your posts and content. It also helps in developing better contests, polls and giveaways. The best part of it, you can always tweak it based on the response and update your strategy which brings us to the next point that is analysing data.

Analysing the data: Social Media offers analysis and feedback through various tools with almost no wait time, you can gauge the response of your activities individually and interpret what is working for you and what isn’t. You should pay attention to things like the time of the day that gets you the most views, what products or services raise the most queries, how many followers are you losing or gaining monthly.  Apart from this, you should also pay attention to the response different posts generate, this helps in optimizing your social media strategy and gain the right attention and engagement. Don’t just gauge your work on the number of likes you get, pay close attention to engagement, shares and responses to recognise a pattern in their behaviour.

Advertising: Digital marketing on social media platforms greatly improves the reach of your brand. Advertising helps in communicating your USPs better, the key is to pick appealing and attractive content to showcase. Through social media marketing, you can get guaranteed attention of your target groups for a few seconds. Use the time wisely to convey a crisp and clear message about what you do or aim to achieve. Advertising gives a boost to your page. It is important to note that buying of fan/followers is a highly unethical practice that does you more harm than good. Algorithms recognise suspicious behaviour of accounts which can result in your account being flagged or suspended. Therefore, advertise using social media marketing tools to gain an organic following.

Patience: Good things come to those who wait, and social media isn’t an exception, a lot of brands resort to buying of followers which is not a very healthy practice. Losing patience, giving up and being inconsistent with posts and activities will lose your credibility. Plan out your campaigns and phase out your content because it goes a long way. The building of rapport with users takes time and effort and the reward is worth it. Don’t throw in your towel too early

Consult professionals: Maybe you tried every trick in the book and still, there hasn’t been any significant improvement in your page’s performance then it is time to seek help from professionals. Social media managers have great knowledge of market trends and know what works and how. Consulting with them can resolve your big and messy issues and make the journey of social media smooth sailing.

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