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About us

Established in 2014, Scroll Mantra has been the pulse of integrated communications in India. Our roots are deep in Delhi NCR, and our branches spread across India's major cities. With a stellar client retention rate of 85%, we've mastered the art of keeping our clients more than just satisfied. We have devised and seamlessly executedpath-breaking campaigns for our domestic and
international clientele; enabling them to garner the right recognition and visibility on both
traditional and digital media platforms.

Versatility in

Our expertise spans over 20+ sectors, breathing life into 100+ national and global brands. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results is reflected in our diverse portfolio,
showcasing a proven track record of successful
collaborations that have
stood the test of time.

What Makes Us Unique?


From local heroes to
international icons, we've
crafted campaigns that
resonate and reverberate across traditional and digital media. By leveraging a mix of innovative strategies, we not only reach but also engage diverse audiences and drive brand recognition.

with Vision

With over 65+ years of
cumulative experience, our senior leadership is a beacon of strategic brilliance, guiding our team and you brand with a forward-thinking mindset that anticipates industry shifts and embraces
opportunities for continued success.

Unified Integration
of Services

We harmonize Public
Relations, Digital Media
Marketing, Lead Generation, Branding and Graphic
Designing into a symphony that elevates brands across various verticals - be it for a Startup, Lifestyle, Beauty, AI, Education, Finance, Hospitality, Real Estate, Technology.

Coming Back Soon, With a Bang!

While our website is under the magical hands of our digital wizards, we're still very much active and ready to amplify your brand's voice. Need to start a conversation that matters?
Our team is just an email or phone call away.

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